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 Application Guidelines

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PostSubject: Application Guidelines   Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:36 pm

If you're here on this page now, it's because you've taken interest to joining us or curious about how our application process goes. It's really simple. Just copy all the information provided below and create a new thread giving your PopRe username as the title. It should look something like "Flame" or whichever but using your username. Take the information below and paste it onto your new thread providing any information that is expected or asked. You do not need to copy this paragraph and we prefer that you don't copy this because it shows that you can follow directions. If you do, you may be rejected immediately. You application should only include answers and the following:

About me as a Person
Country of residence?
Languages you speak?
Have you ever been outside your country?
Do you have any friends in this clan?
Are you in school? If so, what studies?

About my Populous Experiences
How often do you play pop?
How much time do you generally have for pop?
Have you ever been in a clan? If you have, what clans?
If you were accepted, would you remain loyal to the clan?
Will you post?
Do you ever get banned?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What I Could do to Aid the Clan
Is there anything you think needs improved in this clan?
Do you feel that this clan is being run wrong?
Do you have any issues with players inside this clan?
Do you have any special skills that you might contribute to the clan?

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Application Guidelines
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